Technical Publication

TIDC Technical Publications offers wide range of content management services that includes Authoring, Illustration and Publishing.

Primarily we cater to the various business partners in creation and revision of following;

  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
  • Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manual (ACMM)
  • Service Bulletins (SB)
  • User Manuals (UMAN)
  • Technical Specifications (TS)
  • Qualification Test Reports (QTR)
  • Manufacturing Build Specifications (MBS)
  • T-Files

TIDC provides service for legacy data migration to the latest industry standards as required. TIDC team have expertise in various Aerospace Standards like ATA100, ATA iSpec 2200, ASD STE100 and S1000D. The technical documentation team has resources with extensive experience in Field Maintenance, Aeronautical Engineering and other streams of Engineering.